USDA Prime Bone In Filet Mignon Wet Aged 28 Days

A bone in Filet is a Porterhouse steak that is cut in half through the bone. One side becomes a boneless Strip Steak, and the other, your bone-in Filet. It's a rare cut that is quickly becoming more popular among those in the know. It comes from the short loin, and benefits from the tenderness of a filet mignon, with the subtle sweetness and flavor that only a bone can impart. We've wet aged this USDA Prime filet for 28 days and trimmed the exterior fat, but the ample marbling ensures a juicy, full flavor profile. You really don't even need a knife! We ensure a consistent cut for each and every filet we sell, so that they all get the same exact preparation and cooking times.

Category: Bone In, Wet Aged

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