Frequently Asked Questions


Why Choose Rare Cuts?

  1. Always Fresh, Never Frozen
  2. All Natural - No Hormones, Pesticides, Steroids or Antibiotics
  3. Every Cut is Aged a Minimum of 28 Days
  4. 100% Vegetarian Fed Diets
  5. Only USDA Prime
  6. 100% Black Angus Genetics
  7. Humane Animal Handling
  8. Sustainable Ranching Practices

Any one who knows anything about meat will tell you that the better an animal is treated, the better the resulting product will be. We choose from the best farms and ranches across the nation to ensure that your cuts are not only consistent, but some of the best tasting cuts you will ever have in your life.

What if I don't see something that I want?

Just give us a call at 504-267-4687 or shoot us an email at We constantly rotate a small amount of specialty cuts into our physical store - from Elk to Bison to Alligator and everything in between. We will be happy to work with you for whatever Rare Cut you may desire.


How is my order packed and shipped?

In order to maximize freshness, all of our product is hand cut and trimmed, then individually sealed in an air-tight, vacuum-sealed pouch. Your order is then packed in an insulated container with frozen gel packs. Everything is packaged and shipped to withstand up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated shipping.

Don't worry though, every order is shipped overnight via UPS and will arrive within 24 hours of being processed at our store.

Where's My Order? I ordered it on XXX day!

Whoa! Don't panic. We process and ship all of our products on Wednesday of each week. We do this for one major reason: We refill our store with the freshest meat every Tuesday. We want to ensure that your order is packed and out the door less than 48 hours after it arrives.

Our guarantee is to provide you with the freshest product possible. If you don't receive your order, please give us a call at 504-267-4687 or email us at so we can work with you to get your order to you ASAP.

Our Guarantee
Your complete satisfaction with yourRare Cuts order is our first priority.

We Guarantee:
Your fresh meat order will arrive with each item individually vacuum-sealed in ready-to-cook condition.
Non-perishable merchandise, non-meat food products, and processed meat products are guaranteed to arrive in undamaged, ready-to-use condition.
The contents of your order are packed at our facility with enough insulation and frozen gel packs to withstand up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated transit.
When refrigerated in the original vacuum-sealed packaging, your fresh meat products will be safe for consumption for up to 7 days after the scheduled delivery date.
When products are frozen after delivery in the original vacuum-sealed packaging, your fresh meat products will remain at peak palatability for up to 14 days from the scheduled delivery date. After that, beef, lamb, and veal products may be kept frozen for up to 6 months. Pork should be frozen for no longer than 3 months.
If you have any problem with your order (i.e., product condition, defective or damaged packaging, non-delivery, etc.), contact us within 72 hours of the scheduled delivery.

If you have a quality complaint about product you have frozen after delivery, contact us no later than 14 days from the scheduled delivery date.

When calling Rare Cuts, be sure to have your order confirmation handy as it contains your order number, scheduled delivery date, and other important information that is specific to your order.

Contact Rare Cuts by:
Calling 504-267-4687, Monday – Friday,11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (CT)
E-mail correspondence:

Return Policy
Do not return any order without specific authorization and instructions from Rare Cuts. Please contact by phone (504-267-4687) or e-mail.

We will not be held responsible for product-quality complaints received after 7 days of the scheduled delivery date.
Fresh meat products are shipped via Express Priority Overnight or Standard Overnight Service and will be left at the designated recipient address without requiring a signature.
All fresh meat products are perishable. It is the purchaser's choice and responsibility to notify gift recipients of the impending delivery of perishable goods.
Rare Cuts and its assigned shipping carriers will not be responsible for orders left unattended that are delivered to the customer-specified recipient address on the customer-requested delivery date.
We will not be responsible for deliveries that are refused by the recipient within 48 hours of shipping from our facility.