May 17, 2014


Private Dinning rehearsal Dinner Review

Thanks Bob you guys were a pleasure to have in our store.


Rare Cuts, L.L.C. Mail - Dinner at Rare Cuts

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Dinner at Rare Cuts

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To: Rare Cuts New Orleans <> Hi Michaela,

Fri, May 16, 2014 at 1:18 PM

Last night marked a week since we had our dinner at Rare Cuts and I am still getting messages of thanks from the people who attended. In turn, I wanted to thank you again for making everything so special and please thank Andrew, your children, and all who made the night such a great event.

All the best! Bob


April 21, 2014


Nueskes Bacon & Cheese Quiche Recipe

We prepared several of these Easter morning just to tied everyone over before our late afternoon dinner. Delicious!

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April 10, 2014


Bachelor Party Review

Birthdays - Intimate Family Gatherings - Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties - Graduations - Corporate Events

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April 09, 2014


Private Dinning Reviews

Just wanted to share with everyone some of the Expieriances from other guest and give thanks to our wonderful staff for all their hard work


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April 05, 2014


Ultimate Private Dining Experience

At Rare Cuts we pride ourselves on providing perfectly choreographed entirely private dinners for groups ranging from 6 to 30 guests. From beautifully marbled cuts of Prime Cuts of Wet & Dry Aged Beef and decadent “American Style Kobe” Steaks impeccably refined service and charm. Rare Cuts is ideal for the ultimate Steak House dining experience, and the perfect location to host an intimate celebratory dinner or a no holds barred Bachelor/Bachelorette party. You design the menu, which can be as simple as a just a few courses to a Wet vs. Dry Aged Family Style multi course offering. Mingle with the Chef, in the kitchen or at the grill, as he is preparing your selections of the finest quality meats available. Unlike any other dinning experience, when you have finished you can purchase the same exceptional meats you just enjoyed and take home and try your hand at replicating your meal.

March 13, 2014


Rare Cuts: New Locations on Magazine and in the West End of New Orleans

The word is getting out -- Rare Cuts is moving to a new location in May of 2014. Rare Cuts is also pleased to announce that it is opening a second location in the new shopping center to be built at 7200 Pontchartrain Blvd located in the West End Neighborhood of New Orleans (by the Orleans Marina).

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March 08, 2014


Welcome to the New

Over the last several months, we've been taking note of all the complaints we've had about our website. We agreed with each and every single one of them and we finally decided to do something about it. Without any further ado, welcome to the new!

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