USDA Prime Porterhouse Wet Aged 28 Days

The Porterhouse is cut from the rear end of the short loin, and is considered one of the highest quality steaks. It combines the best of both worlds, as its T-shaped bone separates a Strip Steak and a Filet. The only difference between this cut and the "T-Bone" steak is the size of the attached Filet, with the Porterhouse capturing a larger portion. We choose to only carry the Porterhouse, as the smaller filet portion on the T-Bone makes it difficult to evenly cook both sides. In other words, when you cook your Strip side of a T-Bone medium-rare, your filet side comes out medium-well. Our USDA Prime Porterhouse Steaks are wet aged for 28 days, making for a carnivore's dream! We ensure a consistent cut for each and every Porterhouse we sell, so that they all get the same exact preparation and cooking times.

Category: Bone In, Wet Aged

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