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The Perfect SteakRare Cuts story begins with the quest for the perfect steak. Every year, thousands of people visit steakhouses across the United States with the stated goal of having the 'perfect steak.' Steakhouses are destinations, they're advertised in-flight magazines and appeal to business men and women around the world as being the best place to showcase to clients. Vacations are even planned around those 'great places to dine.' Our team at Rare Cuts is no exception to that rule. We go to steakhouses across the nation – just to try and find the best tasting cuts of meat possible.            One day, while looking at an in-flight magazine that listed "the top 10 best steakhouses in America," we asked, "Why can't you buy a great steak with the same quality and consistency found in 5 star restaurants?" We continued searching for the best steaks and cuts in America, but as we went on, we became more and more frustrated. We wanted to enjoy great restaurant quality meals at home, but when trying to recreate that "perfect steak dinner" we were always depressed by the regular grocery store's offerings. The grocery store ads will tell you that they have all the "best cuts" and their meat is always "USDA prime" which gives you that "same great restaurant quality taste," but in truth, it's never the same.

We wanted to change that.

Our first task in creating Rare Cuts was to find suppliers where we could get consistently higher quality cuts with great flavors. A delicate balance of breed selection, innovation, integration of animal behavior, and knowledge of proper handling techniques allows a steak to be that elusive "perfect cut." After researching and visiting ranches and farms from California to New York, we established strategic sourcing partnerships to satisfy the most critical of foodies.

Thus, Rare Cuts® was born.

In August of 2010, Rare Cuts opened its doors in New Orleans. We've had tremendous success by producing only the best selections available, and catering to the demanding New Orleans meat lover. We look forward to becoming an integral part of kitchens and backyards across the country, helping everyone turn their kitchen into a 5 star steakhouse. Rare Cuts® is the solution to every food lover's needs - a great cut of meat, cooking techniques, education, and simply great customer service. The experience is like no other. If you are not 100% satisfied, the product will be replaced at no charge until you are - Guaranteed.

Our Commitment to the Best Steak

Animal breed, welfare, and processing are all very important factors in producing a great steak, but the delicate balance of aging, cut, and selection are just as critical in creating the best possible flavor profile. Essentially, by hand selecting the front-end and then providing the attention to detail that we do on the back-end, we are able to provide some of the best, consistent cuts of meat around. That being said, we are constantly scouring the country (and the globe for that matter) to find those ranches which meet our stringent standards in order to ensure an exceptional steak for you.


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